This is what I do for my clients: I make people think; I make people laugh; and I make people take action. I do this at company events, conferences, and business seminars, on a variety of topics.

My favorite topics are agility, innovation, leadership, and customer experience. The reviews and ratings I get for my presentations are consistently high.

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who can move your audience.

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The Top 100 Leadership
Speakers for 2018

An up-to-date list of the most innovative speakers in leadership.

By Kevin kruse @kruse

Erika Andersen
Founder, Proteus

Twitter: @erikaandersen

Andersen is the author of Be Bad First and teaches managers and leaders how to acquire new knoledge and skills quicklu and continuously.

Jurgen Appelo
CEO at Agility Scales

Twitter: @jurgenappelo

Appelo is the author of serveral books including Managing for Happiness, offering creative but practical tools to make work fun.

Vernice Armour
Founder, Vai Consulting and training

Twitter: @vernicearmour