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Speaking FAQ

As a keynote speaker, I receive many questions from event and conference organizers. I try to answer some of them in the speaking FAQ on this page. But if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

💶 Do you charge travel expenses?

My speaking fee normally includes travel expenses and accommodation unless we agree that it doesn’t. This means I usually do not ask you to arrange anything for me. My travels are complicated and better managed by myself.

✈️ Do you want us to book your flights?

No, thanks. Only I know exactly what I need, and you don’t know my frequent flyer numbers, etc. Besides, my travels are sometimes too complicated (with multiple destinations) to allow organizers to book flight tickets for me.

🏨 Do you want us to book your hotel?

That won’t be necessary. However, I would appreciate suggestions for any 4-star hotels near your event.

🎤 What do you need for your presentation?

I prefer a hands-free microphone (a headset or a clip-on mike), a place where I can see my presentation when I’m speaking (either my computer on the stage or a duplicate screen in front of me), a glass of water, and an interested audience.

🖥️ Can we make your slides available?

You can make my presentation available for your event attendees via email or some other system that’s only accessible to your participants. However, I do not allow the publication of my slides on a public website.

⏺️ Can we make a video of your talk?

My customers can make (and publish) videos of most of my presentations. However, I do not extend this benefit to free events (to maintain a sense of exclusivity for other paying customers).

📢 Will you help us with the marketing?

I add all public events to my speaking calendar and post about them on social networks. I sometimes also inform the people who are subscribed to my newsletter. But please don’t expect a significant marketing effort. I attend dozens of events yearly and prefer not to be seen by my followers as a marketing spam machine.

🎉 Will you join us for the speakers’ dinner or afterparty?

That sounds great, but it depends on my travel schedule. Feel free to check with me before the event.

📅 Will you stay during the whole event?

That depends on the circumstances. I attend many events each year, and people cannot expect me to attend all sessions and participate in all discussions at each event. Sometimes, I hang around in the hallways, doing some work. Sometimes, I have to leave and travel to the next event. If my availability during your whole event is essential, let me know well in advance. Maybe we can agree on the conditions.

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