My first self-publishing experiment

How to Change the World

Change Management 3.0

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How do I deal with my crappy organization? I like my work but I don’t like what our management is doing. How do I deal with it?

Well, that’s easy. You have three options:

1. Ignore it. Changing organizations is hard work. If you don’t have the stamina to learn how to be a good change agent, then stop complaining about what’s bad. Accept that the organization is what it is, and enjoy the good parts of your work.

2. Quit your job. The only reason there are bad organizations is that people don’t quit their jobs. Do the world a favor and find a better place to work. Help bad organizations out of their misery by not working for them.

3. Learn about change management. Most people are terrible at influencing other people and changing organizations. But, if you’re serious about it, you can learn how to be a more effective change agent.

It’s take it, leave it, or change it...

This book is for those who choose option 3.

Publisher: Jojo Ventures
Publication date: 1 May 2012
Print length: 88 pages
Paperback ISBN: 978-90-81905-11-4
Ebook ISBN: 978-90-81905-10-7
Kindle ASIN: B007ZT2KES

Jurgen Appelo

"In order to change people’s behavior, instead of changing the people themselves (which is hard to do without an expensive operating table), you might want to consider changing the environment, and let the people (re‑)organize themselves."