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Agile transformations don’t end with introducing Scrum in the software teams. People can only be really agile when the entire business has an agile mindset. This includes lean-agile management and lean-agile product development.

My books and talks can help you get a better product and team management with more agility in the business. Give your people my Managing for Happiness book or simply hire me for your next company event.

Find your way to the future by merging business agility, continuous innovation, and customer experience design. I can help.

Note: Those who prefer to just “implement Scrum” need not apply. You only get better software when you are ready for a better culture. 😉

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Maybe I can inspire the audience at your next company event or conference. Or with my books, I could offer you concrete games, tools, and practices for your organization.

Check out my Speaking and Writing pages, or simply reach out to me for other information.

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