Proofreading Starts Now!

Proofreading Starts Now!

The day has come.

Glitches of Gods, my debut novel, is available for proofreading.

I spent four thousand hours writing this book. Now, I'll let you read it for free. However, I have a few conditions. Here are the Four Rules for Proofreaders:

  1. You receive a (nearly) finished book for free. You are NOT allowed to share this file with anyone. I only allow my newsletter subscribers to read this "Advance Reader Copy."
  2. You report possible mistakes and problems before May 31. If you cannot find any issues, great! That means I did a fantastic job (but it seems unlikely).
  3. You do not report any suggestions for improvement. I've already gone through several rounds of revisions with various editors and beta readers. This is it—no more revisions.
  4. You write a (small) public review in two places of your choice (Amazon review, GoodReads review, LibraryThing review, Facebook post, LinkedIn post, etc.) with a link to the book. Please do this when I release the book in June.

Examples of possible mistakes and problems (please report these):

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors;
  • Formatting problems (maybe on specific devices);
  • Logical errors (for example, a lukewarm coffee has become a hot drink five minutes later);
  • Consistency errors (for example, someone has green eyes in chapter 2 and brown eyes in chapter 15).

Examples of improvement suggestions (please do NOT report):

  • "Maybe change the order of a few scenes." - Sorry, no.
  • "Introduce one of the characters earlier." - Sorry, no.
  • "Add or delete something about ..." - Sorry, no.

I'm done with revisions. Now, it's time for debugging!

In June, I will offer a surprise gift to each person who publishes two public reviews. I will also send each proofreader a private link to the final release (so they can swap their proof version for the real one), but only when they complete their task as proofreaders.

If you agree to these conditions, I invite you to read my book for free. To do that, you'll have to sign up to my newsletter.

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