I am so excited! My new Shiftup workshops are in full preparation. They will be based on my new book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup and will be offered in collaboration with ICAgile. I will be testing a limited number of these workshops myself. If they work well, I will delegate them to other facilitators.

This is your one-and-only chance to be in a brand new workshop with me!

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The table below contains the list of workshops, their location, and status…

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Date Location Status
Monday, 14 January + Tuesday, 15 January Ghent Registration Open
Thursday, 17 January + Friday, 18 January Warsaw Registration Open
Tuesday, 22 January + Wednesday, 23 January London Registration Open
Thursday, 31 January + Friday, 1 February Gothenburg Registration Open
Thursday, 28 February + Friday, 1 March Vienna Registration Open
Monday, 4 March + Tuesday, 5 March Munich Registration Open
Thursday, 7 March + Friday, 8 March Berlin Registration Open
Monday, 1 April + Tuesday, 2 April Frankfurt Registration Open
Thursday, 4 April + Friday, 5 April Stockholm Registration Open
Monday, 15 April + Tuesday, 16 April Zurich Registration Open
Thursday, 18 April + Friday, 19 April Amsterdam Registration Open
Thursday, 25 April + Friday, 26 April Paris Registration Open
Monday, 29 April + Tuesday, 30 April Barcelona Sold Out!
Tuesday, 7 May + Wednesday, 8 May Chicago Scheduled
Thursday, 16 May + Friday, 17 May Dallas Scheduled
Thursday, 6 June + Friday, 7 June London Registration Open
Tuesday, 11 June + Wednesday, 12 June Milan Registration Open
Monday, 17 June + Tuesday, 18 June Lisbon Registration Open
Monday, 24 June + Tuesday, 25 June Kiev Scheduled
Friday, 9 August + Saturday, 10 August Washington D.C. Scheduled
Thursday, 19 September + Friday, 20 September Brussels Registration Open
Monday, 30 September + Tuesday, 1 October The Hague Registration Open
Thursday, 3 October + Friday, 4 October Luxembourg Registration Open

Additional workshops in other cities will be scheduled soon. Interested?

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