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Important: In 2022 and 2023, I speak at some public conferences for free. My requirements are: compensation of travel and accommodation, personal choice of the topic, and no commitment until two weeks before the event.

For speaking engagements at private events, I apply a five-tier fee model. The fees depend on the GDP per country per capita. For webinars and online events, I charge 50% of the European fee, depending on the official location of the organizer.

European Fees 1 hour *) Countries
Top 15 countries 4900 Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland…
Top 40 countries 4400 Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France…
Top 75 countries 3900 Italy, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Romania…
Top 150 countries 3400 Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova…
Other countries 2900
*) Each additional hour is 25% of the 1-hour fee.
Non-European Fees 1 hour *) Countries
Top 15 countries 6900 United States, Qatar, Singapore…
Top 40 countries 6400 Australia, Canada, South Korea…
Top 75 countries 5900 New Zealand, Israel, Japan…
Top 150 countries 5400 Brazil, China, Argentina…
Other countries 4900 India, Nigeria…
*) Each additional hour is 25% of the 1-hour fee.
Discount how to get it
10% #RepeatBusiness for repeat customers (same contact and invoicing details)
10% #NoTravel for extra event in same area within 24 hours of other paid event
10% #Partner for event arranged by partner or facilitator who is primary contact
10% #NoBureaucracy no contracts/procurement forms/visa forms/etc.

Prices are in Euros and they include travel and accommodation. The discounts are cumulative and they only apply to the standard fees. They do not apply when I charge a special/promotional speaking fee.

For your country, check: List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita

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