Frequently Asked Questions – Writing

There are some questions that I get a lot, in my travels all over the world. I try to answer some of them with the writing FAQ on this page. But if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

How long does it take you to write a book?

It takes me roughly 1,000 hours to write a book of 300 pages. Depending on my other projects, these hours could be spread over a year or two. It does not include the ongoing research that I do in the form of reading books and talking with people.

Can you give me feedback on my writing?

Sorry, I get a lot of requests from people asking me to review their blog posts, books, articles, websites, etc. It is not my job to be a full-time reviewer. However, if you join my organization Happy Melly as a Supporter, you will have a better chance for us to support your creativity.

What tools do you use for drawing illustrations?

I use paper, pens, and my hands. There is also a scanner involved, and a free drawing application that I use for simple things such as erasing smudges and resizing to different formats. However, the most important tools involved are my eyes and my brain. 🙂

What will your next book be about?

I have not really started writing yet. However, scaling good practices to large organizations, and better ways to design organizations, seem to be hot topics nowadays.

Can I copy or adapt your games?

People ask me regularly whether they can reuse my game materials and print their own logos on them. The short answer is, “No”. The long answer is: there is copyright on illustrations, designs and texts. I insist on those copyrights because I’ve seen some very bad and low-quality reproductions. However, there is no trademark on any Management 3.0 game, which means that you can make your own version of the games, without permission, as long as you don’t use my copyrighted materials. Read more here: Card Games on the Management 3.0 website.

Can I order books from you?

Sorry, I don’t sell any books myself at this time. On the various book pages on this website, you find links to resellers of my books, such as Amazon and others.

Can I become a licensed Management 3.0 facilitator?

Of course, that would be great! Everything about licensing is described on the Management 3.0 website. Please follow the instructions there.

Can I use the term Management 3.0 or is it trademarked?

The name Management 3.0 is not trademarked. I am simply the first one who used it and I defined what it is. However, please be aware that all search results point to my work. You are free to use the name but please don’t use it for something else that has nothing to do with my work, because you would only be confusing people.

Can I use your slides for my own presentations?

You are allowed to use materials (with proper credits) that are availably publicly and that you can download. If you cannot download my online materials, it means that I don’t want people to use them. You are also not allowed to use materials that are part of the Management 3.0 workshops.

Can I translate your book?

People frequently ask me, “Can I translate your book to my language?” I cannot answer that question because I am not the right person to ask. Local translations are arranged by local publishers. If you want to see my book in your local language, you should find a local publisher who wants to publish a translated book. This local publisher must then negotiate the translation rights with the American publisher of my book because the American publisher has global publishing rights. When the American publisher grants the translation rights to a local publisher, the local publisher will then decide which translators to work with and how they will be compensated for that.

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