Best Keynote Presentations

These are just a few of the hand-crafted presentations that I have made as a keynote speaker. For a full overview of all my earlier works, please refer to my presentations at SlideShare.



The number one issue that employees in agile organizations struggle with is “organizational culture”. The biggest challenge that managers of agile organizations struggle with is “change management”. It turns out that this is actually the same problem. Changing an organization’s culture, by changing people’s behaviors, is most successful when you target people’s intrinsic desires. Using my champfrogs model for intrinsic motivation, I show you how you can get any colleague or customer to do what you want. 😉

Management 3.0 Workout


Management 3.0 Workout is about concrete management advice. Practical things that people can do next Monday morning, in order to grow an organization that is fit and healthy. And not only managers, but everyone who is concerned about the organization. Because, management is too important to leave to the managers. The whole organization should participate in the workout.

Let’s Help Melly


Many people in the world don’t really like their jobs. And most organizations are not healthy. They are badly prepared for increasing complexity and changing environments. Complexity thinking suggests we should seek a diversity of conflicting perspectives. It explains that organizations need experiments. And it says most innovation happens by stealing and tweaking existing ideas.

Blueprint for a Tribal Business


Does a company really need a head office? The new organizational structure of the 21st century is the network, not the hierarchy. And the focus of management should be on leadership, not governance. But how can you organize this?

How to Change the World


When transforming organizations and other social systems we encounter obstacles. These obstacles often involve changing other people’s behaviors. Of course, we cannot really make people behave in a different way. But… we can certainly try!

I offer pure infotainment!

My talks are always fun, inspiring, and well-rehearsed, and people often refer to me as a top keynote speaker. My presentation materials are hand-crafted and well-designed. I am able to turn different topics into professional and enjoyable sessions, and the evaluations for my talks are consistently high.