Benefits for Organizers

In five years, I have been a speaker at hundreds of conferences and I joined a similar number of community and company events. Thanks to the many discussions I had with event organizers, I understand the value of a top keynote speaker. When you invite me to speak at your event, this is what I intend to offer you.

I will help you promote your event

I have a popular blog with many readers, a newsletter with over 13,000 subscribers, and many followers on various social networks. When you invite me to speak at your event, I will gladly help you to promote it for free.

I will record a 30-second promo video

Per your request, I can record a small video that will entice people to register for your event. You can edit it and publish the result on your website and social channels, and I will happily assist with the promotion.

I am available for a pre-conference interview

You might be interested in organizing a video interview, a podcast, or a written interview, several weeks before the event. When the effort is less than 30 minutes, I will make sure to be available, and you can use the result in any way you see fit.

I can promote your discounted tickets

When you have a discount code for my readers, I will be happy to share the discount on my mailing list and my social network streams.

I can bring some free copies of my books

I usually give away one or two free copies of my book, sometimes during a Q&A session, sometimes to random participants who are watching the Twitter stream. No matter how I do this, I like to keep it unpredictable. 🙂

I can offer you heavily discounted books

If you want copies of my latest book for your volunteers, or to give away as prizes among attendees, I can give you a great discount. You can even make some money by reselling the books at the regular price. And I will be happy to sign them all!

I can offer you heavily discounted kudo cards

At some events, participants are motivated to write kudo cards for speakers, organizers, or fellow attendees. For a moderate shipping fee, I can send you a box of colorful kudo cards that can help your attendees be happy.

I usually allow video recordings

For any talk that is not a first-time presentation, I allow paying clients to capture me on video.

I offer you a custom version of my slide deck

Most of my performance is usually standard and well-rehearsed. However, I like making small modifications, and I usually improvise a bit. Before or after my talk, I will give you the custom slide deck so you can distribute it among your event participants.

I aim to be an active participant at your event

Depending on the available time and my commitments to other events, I do my best to attend some other sessions, and to share my experiences on the social networks.

I am available for dinner with speakers or organizers

Before or after your event, I will do my best to be available for one dinner with organizers, speakers, or participants. However, this may depend on my available time and travel schedule.


I will publish your feedback on my website

When you share with me the evaluation or average ratings of my performance by your attendees, I gladly share these results on my website, with a permanent link to your event.

I will offer you my feedback after the event

As an experienced speaker, conference attendee and event organizer myself, I will be happy to share with you afterwards any feedback that could make your next event even better!

I offer fair, consistent, region-dependent pricing

My fees depend on the expected duration of my performance and on the average price level per country. Check out the separate page with my standard fees.

I can offer you other inspiring speakers

When you invite me to your event, I can offer you one or two additional speakers with complementary presentations. I know some interesting speakers with great track records who are available for free or for a small fee.

I am fair, honest, open, and transparent

In everything I do, I have never harmed an event organizer. (Well, not that I’m aware of!) You can expect me to practice what I preach, lead by example, and be valuable to you to the best of my abilities.

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Do you want me to contribute to your successful event? Would you like an inspiring keynote speaker at your conference?


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