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I am a creative networker and top keynote speaker who is pioneering management for creative organizations. I offer concrete games, tools, and practices so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers.

As a keynote speaker, I am frequently invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world about leadership, agile, creativity, and organizational change. Sometimes in small rooms with just a dozen people; sometimes for audiences of a thousand or more.

As a writer, I describe leading self-managed organizations in the creative freelancer economy. Everyone knows command-and-control hierarchies suffer from stagnation. I teach people how to replace them with innovative network-driven businesses.

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I offer pure infotainment!

My talks are always fun, inspiring, and well-rehearsed, and people often refer to me as a top keynote speaker. My presentation materials are hand-crafted and well-designed. I am able to turn different topics into professional and enjoyable sessions, and the evaluations for my talks are consistently high.

Managing for Happiness

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